Newspaper clipping – The Mercury – 23 July 2008

School exchange project applauded

Latoya Newman

Teachers at Earlington Secondary School in Phoenix, Durban, were given a pat on the back for a job well done in maintaining a relationship with a sister school in the United Kingdom.

The relationship has led to investment in local pupils’ education, including the development of a geography study guide which is now in circulation.

Officials from Earlington and the UK’s Prince Henry Grammar School in Otley, West Yorkshire, met at a conference in South Africa five years ago. Mona Singh, who manages Earlington’s projects, said they began by exchanging ideas.
            “Over the years it developed to the current situation where the Leeds council is now linked to 30 schools in Durban,” she said.

The schools exchange pupils and there were now 12 Prince Henry pupils attending classes at Earlington. Teachers also exchanged teaching methods and materials.

Prince Henry teacher June Brighouse said the benefits of the relationship were mutual.
            “It is about bringing what we each do best together and sharing it through this partnership,” Brighouse said.

Education MEC Ina Cronje welcomed the partnership.
            “We want our children to experience different cultures and eliminate stereotypes, enabling our young people to be effective global citizens,” she said.

Prince Henry pupil Lewis Pollard, who has been attending classes at Earlington, said it had been an interesting experience.
            “It is really amazing. The culture is also very vibrant.”