Extract taken from the ELRC website.



The Minister of Education, Mrs Naledi Pandor, launched the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign in October 2008. The campaign calls on all individuals and organizations to assume responsibility for improving the quality of education. The education elements of the campaign will:

  • Inform citizens about the importance of education, and their roles, responsibilities and obligations towards education;
  • Mobilize communities to monitor and support schools, teachers and learners;
  • Improve the quality of education for all children, especially the poor, and to demonstrate this improved quality through better learner achievements.

The achievement of quality education for all depends on the actions of departmental officials, school principals, teachers, learners, parents and community members. Each of these are called upon to make a commitment to a “ Code for Quality Education”, which describes the responsibilities and discipline required of them. If all sections of society work together – government, communities, health care workers, civil society, business, media and other sectors – we can ensure that all learners benefit from quality education. Campaign coordinating structures are being set up at national, provincial and regional levels and Government now calls on all South Africans to join us in this campaign, as part of the ongoing effort to achieve a better life for all. The Department of Education, together with teacher unions, announced their united commitment to do everything within their power to endorse the pledges made in Kliptown, and to strive for quality learning and teaching for all.

The Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign:

The campaign was launched at Ikusasa Combined School in Tembisa on 9 October 2008. The launch date coincided with the October focus on teachers, which is traditionally signaled by the celebration of World Teachers Day on 5 October each year. The 2008 theme was, appropriately, “Teachers Matter!” The launch focused on the critical role of all stakeholders, particularly teachers and officials, in the quality interventions required for effective learning and teaching to take place.

In 2009, there will be a country-wide roll-out spearheaded by the national and provincial stakeholders. Parents, learners and communities at large, are encouraged to support this initiative and add their voices to the commitments made by all.

Call to Action to Ensure Quality Education for All:

The power to improve education lies with all of us. We call on all departmental officials, teachers, learners, parents and community members to commit to building Quality Education in all our educational institutions.

  • As a DEPARTMENTAL OFFICIAL, I promise to support schools, ensure that all teaching resources are provided on time, improve my own skills base to better assist schools, regularly monitor teacher and learner attendance and to facilitate teacher development.
  • As a TEACHER, I promise to be on time, well-prepared for all my lessons, teach for at least seven hours every school day and improve my own skills and knowledge.
  • As a LEARNER, I promise to attend school regularly, to work hard in school, respect my teachers and adhere to the rules of my school.
  • As a PARENT, I promise to support and protect my child’s school, to cooperate with teachers and to create a conducive home environment for my child to study.
  • As a COMMUNITY, we promise to ensure that every school-going child is at school, that schools are not vandalized and to report problems at schools to the relevant authorities.


We pledge to undertake these responsibilities to ensure quality education for all.