Newspaper clipping – iol online – 1 July 2009

Education agreement on OSD not signed

The education sector was among those where no agreement had been reached between the government and labour on the occupation specific dispensation, the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC) said on Wednesday.

PSCBC general secretary Shamira Huluman said the council was meant to receive reports from the various sector councils by midday. However, she was aware that no agreement had been signed in the education, engineering, architecture and medical therapeutic support services sectors. The council would meet on Thursday to assess the reports it received and decide on the way forward.

An agreement in the medical sector had been reached ahead of the deadline on Tuesday, with the labour unions agreeing in principle and waiting for final endorsement from their membership.

The negotiations on the occupational specific dispensation – a revised salary structure applicable to the public service – stems from an agreement between labour and government after a crippling public service strike in 2007.

However, the implementation of the pay structure was delayed until the PSCBC intervened in March this year and government and labour met to put in place a timeline for the matter to be concluded.

Agreements were meant to be concluded by Tuesday, June 30 - Sapa