Newspaper clipping – The Mercury – 5 November 2009

“Ideal outcome” to bullying incident

The mother of a Grade 8 Glenwood High pupil who was “bullied” by a group of four Grade 9s is relieved after the Durban school decided to discipline the culprits through counseling and community service following a disciplinary hearing last week.

The hearing was held after an incident two weeks ago when four Grade 9 boys approached a Grade 8 pupil and tried to push his head down a toilet after a physical education class.

The mother of the Grade 8 pupil said that she was pleased by the outcome of the hearing where all the parents of the boys were present:
“The outcome I think is ideal for everyone,” she said.

During the disciplinary hearing the boys presented written statements, which stated that they never meant to harm the pupil but they were playing a joke on him.

The mother said her son had accepted their apologies and she hoped things would return to normal. She said the school recognized the incident as “horseplay” rather than bullying and gave the punishment, which it saw fit according to its code of conduct.

School principal Trevor Kershaw said:

            “If we are talking about the same thing then the boys were found guilty of a level 1 offence and were punished according to the code of conduct.”