Newspaper clipping – iol online – 25 November 2009

OSD pay for teachers before Christmas

Teachers would get their occupation specific dispensation (OSD) in full before Christmas, union Sadtu said on Wednesday.
“Patience, consistency and collective leadership in Sadtu (has) finally paid off…After months of waiting, teachers will finally receive their OSD, not partially, but in full,” the South African Democratic Teachers Union said in a statement. The initial proposal for payment was April 1, 2010.

In October, the Education Department offered to make a R2.3 billion partial payment of OSD for recognition of experience and a once-off cash bonus for senior and master teachers by October 30. However, the payment was not made due to pressure on the Persal payment system to implement the annual salary increase. The department said it would pay at the end of the salary increase run in November, but could not commit to a specific date.

In order to get a date of payment, Sadtu sent letters of demand to the departments of education and public service.
“In response, the department announced it would pay for the full agreement in the current financial year,” said Sadtu.

Payment would be made on December 18. - Sapa