– 24 September 2010

Private schools here to stay – Surty

Private schools will not be done away with, Deputy Basic Education Minister Enver Surty said at the ANC’s national general council (NGC) in Durban.
“We have no intention of nationalizing our private schools,” Surty said during a briefing on a policy review by the party’s education committee.
“Less than 3% of all schools are private schools. Private schools provide opportunities where there are no public schools and receive state funding in these circumstances”.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) said in its economic growth path document launched before the start of the NGC that there was an “urgent need to eliminate the three-tiered structure of the education system” which features private institutions, model C schools and ordinary public schools.

Cosatu recommended that resources be redistributed toward ordinary public schools in working class and poor communities. The education system proposed by Cosatu should be equitable, leveling the “playing field” for all pupils and it should promote human rights, decent work and a culture of learning and teaching. - Sapa