News clipping – Sunday Tribune – 28 August 2011

Keep your beliefs out of our schools

(Letter from Rajein Ramkrepal – Chatsworth)

In response to the article in last week’s Sunday Tribune headed “Parents up in arms over religious headgear ban”, it’s about time that the Department of Education laid this matter to rest.
Why should pupils be allowed to attend public or even private schools promoting religious beliefs? A school is a place for learning. Religion should not be brought into it. The department should ensure that no religion is promoted in a place of learning and should ban the wearing of religious symbols in schools – whether scarves, hats, gowns, nose-rings, holy beads, crosses or whatever.

The department should issue a strict dress code and anything that falls outside that should be banned. The school uniform should be adhered to strictly at all times and any student found breaking the rules should be suspended or even expelled. Parents proclaiming that their religious constitutional rights have been breached should follow the rules or teach their children at home, where they can dress their children in as much religious gear as they want while trying to teach them.

The world is in such a mess largely because of religion. School is where a growing person will learn how to grow up to be a responsible adult and a child’s judgement should not be clouded in religious fanfare that is really some parents’ feeble attempt to get their own indoctrinating ideas out into the public using their children as pawns to do so.

Come on, parents, open your eyes. Send your children to school for only one purpose – to gain useful knowledge, not to subtly pass on your hidden agendas. Practise your religion by all means but at home and not in a school.