News clipping – Sunday Tribune – 28 August 2011

Play by the rules, parents

(Letter written by Prakash Singh, Phoenix)

I refer to the report headed “Parents up in arms over religious headgear ban” in the Tribune.
The principal of Wingen Heights Secondary School in Shallcross acted correctly in reprimanding pupils for wearing the fez (Muslim hat) to school.

I believe that the Muslim religion is one of the greatest in the world, but our children come from diverse religions and, to maintain discipline and uniformity, the schools have laid down certain rules. Bending these only leads to problems.

Imagine Hare Krishna devotees insisting on going to schools with their heads shaven, Hindus attending in dhotis or Sikh converts wearing turbans.

Parents and student should abide by school rules. If they feel these clash with their religion, they should send their children to private schools.